Caespitose : growing in dense clumps. The rhizomes are not running and have a tendency not to spread.
  Culm : the main stem of the Poaceae. When referring to bamboo, It is also called canes.
  Internode : hollow section of culm, branch or rhizome between two nodes.
  Culm sheath : plant casing attached to each node that wraps and protects the culm during growth.
  Glabrous : hairless.
  Shoot : the stage in the development of the bud before it becomes a culm with branches and leaves.
  Pruina : a bloom, white waxy-looking deposit covering a vegetal element.
  Rhizome : a horizontal and usually underground stem.
  Sulcus (intermodal sulcus) : a groove or depression running along the internodes of culms or branches.
  Running : this describes a bamboo whose rhizomes have a pronounced horizontal growth. They tend to develop along the surface of the soil.
  Turion : a fleshy and tender young shoot emerging from the ground without branches or leaves.