Phyllostachys edulis 'Bicolor'
Origin :China. Introduced in Europa in 1979 by Claude Rifat.
CHARACTERISTICS : Mutation of P. edulis. Its originality comes from its light yellow culms with a green rich panel in the sulcus.
Hardiness : - 19°C
Light : Full sun
Size : 15 to 20 m - Category : Giants
Ø of culms: 80 to 120 mm
Propagation : Clump transplantation.
Needs : Provide well-drained and healthy soils. If not provided with the right soil conditions its size can become stunted especially if the springtime is cold.
Uses : Solitary clumps, grove, forest. Alimentary use.
Maintenance : Fertilize once a year and water in case of drought the first four years following the plantation.
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