Phyllostachys aurea 'Holochrysa'
Origin :China
CHARACTERISTICS : Bulging, compressed nodes visible at the base of its culms. Dense clumps with abundant light green foliage. Pale green culms that turn progressively yellow regardless of sun exposure. This colour is brighter on the sun-exposed culms.
Hardiness : - 18°C
Light : any exposure
Size : 6 to 9 m - Category : Medium
Ø of culms: 30 to 50 mm
Propagation : Rhizome cutting or clump division.
Needs : Adapts well to any situation, nevertheless the foliage suffers from dry and cold winter winds. Drought tolerant.
Uses : (un)pruned hedge, grove, isolated clump. Alimentary uses. Suitable for pots or jardinières. En pot ou jardinière.
Maintenance : To be protected from the cold winds in Winter. For pots, provide a healthy and well-drained soil and fertilize twice a year.
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