Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Variegata'
Origin :China
CHARACTERISTICS : Upright and dark glossy green culms with occasionally zigzagged internodes at the base. The foliage coming from the new shoots is creamy-white coloured and striped with green during the summer months.
Hardiness : - 18°C
Light : Full sun
Size : 6 to 8 m - Category : Medium
Ø of culms: 30 to 60 mm
Propagation : Rhizome cutting or clump division.
Needs : No specific care required, but needs a combination of good climate, healthy soil and careful cultivation.
Uses : Solitary clump, grove.
Maintenance : Fertilize once a year and water during the first four years water in case of drought. Every two years in Winter thin out the dry culms aged five and more years.
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