Sasa palmata 'Nebulosa'
Origin :Japan
CHARACTERISTICS : Wide and glossy oblong leaves from 20-28 cm long and 5-7 cm wide that form a “palm” shape. Slender green culms having black blotches as they age.
Hardiness : - 18°C
Light : Any exposure
Size : 2 to 3 m - Category : Small
Ø of culms: 10 to 15 mm
Propagation : Rhizome cutting or clump division.
Needs : Hardy. Grows well everywhere. Likes shady conditions as well as sunny. Allot it a lot of space to grow as it is a vigorous runner.
Uses : Clump, hedge, undergrowth. Alimentary uses. Suitable for pots and jardinières.
Maintenance : Can be easily contained by cutting back the new shoots all around the plant. When placed in the middle of a lawn, mowing will reduce its propagation. For pots, provide a healthy and well-drained soil and fertilize twice a year.
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