Origin :Japan
CHARACTERISTICS : Very hardy, easily recognizable by it’s dark green, delicate, upright foliage. Dense species in terms of culms and foliage.
Hardiness : - 20°C
Light : Any exposure
Size : 0,30 to 0,80 m - Category : Dwarf
Ø of culms: 1 to 2 mm
Propagation : Rhizome cutting or clump division.
Needs : Adapts well to any environment, grows in poor soil. Flourishes in sunny conditions if kept well watered.
Uses : Embankment, bed, border, groundcover, undergrowth. Suitable for pots or jardinières.
Maintenance : Prune twice a year. To avoid drought, keep watered and well-drained soil in sunny environment. For pots, provide a healthy and well-drained soil and fertilize twice a year.
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