Shibatea kumasaca
Origin :Sud du Japon, Chine (Anhuei, Zhejiang)
CHARACTERISTICS : Wide and short deep green leaves that make it look like Ruscus (small holly). A very dense species in terms of leaves and foliage.
Hardiness : - 22°C
Light : Any exposure
Size : 0,50 to 1,50 m - Category : Dwarf
Ø of culms: 1 to 2 mm
Propagation : Rhizome cutting or clump division.
Needs : Prefers acidic conditions. In sunny conditions - such as the South of France - its foliage has a tendency to turn yellow if there is a lack of water and fertilizers.
Uses : Border, small (un)pruned low hedge, groundcover, clump. Well suited to topiary.
Maintenance : Likes pruning.
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