Trachycarpus fortunei
Origin : China
CHARACTERISTICS : Trunk covered with brown vegetal fibres that give it a hairy appearance. The palms are wide. Yellow inflorescences.
Hardiness : - 20°C
Light : Any exposure.
Size (mm) : More than 10 m.
Growth habit : Upright
Propagation : Seedlings
Needs : Hardy, can adapt to any region and kind of soils. Good resistant to dryness and dryness.
Uses : Solitary, border, grove. Suitable for pots or jardinières, interior and exterior.
Maintenance : Prefers lightly acidic well-drained soils. This species can also grow in poor quality clay soils. Little watering needed when in pot. An ordinary fertiliser will suffice when planting and in case of yellowing foliage.
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